Pizza, Wings & Beer and Women Bowling with Wines Leagues

Sunday Beer,Pizza and Wings Short Season League - For only $15.00 per bowler per week, you will get 3 games of bowling, FREE shoe rental, FREE large Perky's pizza, 12 chicken wings, 2  buckets of domestic beer/soda per team and FREE league record-keeping service.  4 bowlers per team with any combination of men and women.  Click here for more details and Registration Form.

Tuesday Women Bowling with Wine - For only $15.00 per bowler per week you will get 3 games of bowling, FREE rental shoes, 2 full size bottles of wine per team and FREE league record-keeping service.  4 women per team.  Click here for more details and Registration Form.

League bowling is an opportunity to have fun with friends, meet new people, get a break from the daily routine, friendly competition and don't forget about the included food and/or beverages (in specified leagues). Click here for the full 2015 -2016 league schedule and call 815.223.5085 to sign up.  Individuals, couples or full teams welcome.

Cool Summer Bowling Specials

Stay cool and dry  - come bowling!  We just added two new bowling specials for June and July.  Mondays and Wednesday get 2 games of bowling and rental shoes for $6.50 per person.  If you want to bowl more games, each additional game is only $1.50 per person.  

$2.00 Twosday features $2.00 per game of bowling and $2.00 rental shoes all day Tuesdays during June and July.

Thursday All Day - Dollar Daze - $5.00 entry fee, $1.00 per game, $1.00 rental shoes, $1.00 soda (16 oz. Pepsi product) and $1.00 hot dogs.

High School Bowlers Honored by News-Tribune

Junior girl Gabbi McCabe and sophomore boy Nathan Stubler took the areas top honors for  High School bowling as the News-Tribune 2015 Bowlers of the Year.  

McCabe had an area best 190 average, won the Oregon Invitational, finished third in the Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference standings and tournament and finished sixth in the Rock Island Regional to lead the Lady Cavaliers to a team Sectional berth.  She rolled a season high series of 646 and game of 254.

Gabbi McCabe (News-tribune photo)

Gabbi McCabe (News-tribune photo)

Stubler led the area boys with a 223 average.  He bowled a 300 game and had a high series of 817 and was the Northern Illinois Big 12 Conference champion.  He helped LP advance to the Sectional tournament.

Nathan stubler (news-tribune photo)

Nathan stubler (news-tribune photo)

Both McCabe and Stubler bowled in the 2014 -2015 Sunday High School League.

2015 Bowlers of the Year

The best bowlers of the 2014-2015 season were honored at a banquet Saturday, May 16, 2015 at the Ladd Moose.  Top honors went to Bowlers of the Year, Deric Plochocki and Theresa McLachlan.  Plochocki averaged 222 in the Tuesday Rudy Stubler Memorial League while bowling five 279 games and a 758 series.  McLachlan bowls in two weekly leagues and compiled a 171 average with a high game of 227 and three 600 series.

Also receiving awards were Women's All Stars: Cathy Koch, Staci Miller, Kristi Leix, Sindee Stubler, Danielle DeCarlo, Cecelia Juritz, Kathi Gerard, Tabitha Sousa, Michelle McPhedran and Linda Hoffmann.  Joe Zokal, Mike Raccuglia, Eric Acuncius, Matt Gapski, James (JT) Dant, Austin Ploch, Mike Castelli, Mike McClure, Scott Vickrey and Brian Marcinkus rounded out the Men's All Star Team.

Deric Plochocki and Theresa McLachlan

Deric Plochocki and Theresa McLachlan

Summer Leagues

New this year!  3 ways to win Jim and Bob's money!

1. Bowl the first 300 game game in the Tuesday 4 x 4 league to win $500.
2. Bowl the first 900 series in the Friday 9-pin No-Tap league to win $500.
3. Bowl the first 300 game in the Friday 9-pin No-Tap league where EVERY frame is a 9 count strike to win $5,000.


  • Bowler must be a regular member of the league.
  • Bowler will be paid at the completion of the league.
  • Bowler weekly fees must be paid in full.
  • Bowl-outs are ineligible for awards and do NOT count.
  • Only the first person to accomplish each category will be paid.
  • If more than one player accomplishes one of the feats on the same night, the money will be split.

Call 815.223.5085 to sign up.  Individuals and teams welcome!

Association Team Series Record Smashed

Every Tuesday the best bowlers in the Illinois Valley area come to I.V. Super Bowl to compete in the prestigious Rudy Stubler Memorial League.  They come from Princeton, Mendota, Morris, Streator, La Salle - Peru and everywhere in between.  A 185 average is a prerequisite just to join the league which includes eleven past Players of the Year, six members of the USBCIV Hall of Fame, four past News-Tribune High School Players of the Year, two PBA members and three of this exclusive group of bowlers are females.

When this collection of bowling talent is assembled into ten teams, great things can happen as was the case one Tuesday night recently.  Team BFM smashed the association team series record with a mighty score of 3,701 on games of 1,228, 1,334 and 1,139 beating the former record by 49 pins.  The old record was held by the same team just three weeks prior with a score of 3,652.  They also bowled the highest team game ever in the local association with their 1,334 game.

The scores from the historic night are as follows:  Matt Gapski - 242, 246, 224 (712 series); Bill Scarratt - 258, 255, 241 (754 series); Randy Hanson - 235, 299, 261 (795 series); Mike McClure - 278, 300, 214 (792 series); and substitute Brad Austin - 215, 235, 199 (648 series).  Team BFM bowled 128 strikes on 178 attempts for a strike percentage of 74.4%.

Youth Scholarship Tournament Winners

Congratulations to our youth bowlers, who earned scholarship money for college with their awesome tournament bowling Saturday, January 3, 2015.   Bumper Bowlers - 1st Place ($150) Aiden Godwin and 2nd ($75) Sammy Einhaus; Age 11 and under - 1st Place ($250) Trenton Acuncius, 2nd ($150) Haiden Ator and 3rd ($100) RJ Talbot; Age 12 and over - 1st Place ($250) Eric Sobin, 2nd ($150) Kelton Pelzer and 3rd ($100) Sheridan Ferguson.  Bob Stubler is shown below presenting the awards to the winners of each category.

J.T. Dant Wins 700 Club Tournament

J.T. Dant emerged as the victor in the 28th Annual 700 Club Tournament from a field of 36 top players.  Below he is shown receiving a check from Jim Stubler, representing the Super Bowl, for $400.00.  Kristi Leix, second place and Charlie Batus, third place received $230.00 and $130.00 for their efforts.  Dant defeated Leix in the championship match 268 to 182.


From BINGO to Perfection

Every good bowler's nightmare is rolling a game under 100 and every bowler's dream is to bowl a 300 game.  Luke Tomasewski accomplished both feats within a week.  On Thursday, September 25th in the Thursday Men's Handicap League, he bowled a 96 in his second of three game series following a 205 start.  That's right - 096 (someone yell BINGO)!  Luke sports a 204 average, so that was 98 pins below his average.  Luke did not get rattled by the sub 100 game and just wanted to finish the night.  The following Thursday in the same league with his new Motiv Revolt (purchased and drilled at the Super Bowl Pro Shop) bowling ball, he began the night with 180 game and then went on to throw 12 consecutive strikes for his first 300 game.  He finished the night with 182 for a 662 series to help his team to a 2 - 2 split for the night.  The moral of the story - never give up!  Luke didn't.

Luke is a 19 year old IVCC student and works part-time at the Super Bowl.  He is a chemistry major and plans to attend Illinois State University next year.

Luke Tomasewski

Luke Tomasewski