FUNdraising Made Easy

Bowling Centers have many great FUNdraising ideas and events for groups.  Many local school groups, churches, charities and other organizations have raised a significant amount of money with a bowling event. 

Why should you organize a bowling FUNdraiser?

1.       Bowling is fun.

2.       Families can do it together.

3.       Almost everyone can bowl.

4.       It’s indoors – weather is never a factor.  There are no rainouts.

5.       We can accommodate 144 guests per shift.

6.       We have a great audio system to make announcements and/or play music.

7.       Groups keep a large portion of money raised.

8.       Our staff is here to help assist you.

Ideas For Your Event

1.       Ticket sales – sell tickets to bowl (e.g. $20.00 per ticket includes 3 games of bowling and rental shoes).  Our cost is $10.00 per person bowling – your group keeps the rest.  Food and beverage packages are also available.

2.       Bowl-a-thon – Bowlers collect pledges (flat rate from donor or any amount per pin).

3.       50/50 tickets, raffles, product/apparelsales during the event.

4.       Corporate Lane Sponsors – Approach local companies/businesses to sponsor and advertise at your event.  This will bring in good funds if you approach the businesses correctly and show them the great benefits of advertising at your bowling FUNdraiser; therefore, be fully prepared when you approach businesses with the details of numbers attending and the potential exposure that they will receive from the event.  You may also ask businesses to donate items or gift certificates for prizes.  Bowlers can also compete for prizes such as most strikes, most gutter balls, highest game, lowest score, best team score, etc.

5.       Costumes - Give your event a theme that inspires the participants to wear outrageous costumes such as “Hollywood Bowl” (movie stars) or “Space Bowl” (Star Wars and Star Trek characters).

Each FUNdraiser has different elements and options that can be customized for your group.  The different types of FUNdraisers also have different level of volunteers and time line.  It is best to talk with us while planning your event to see what program works best for your group.

Through the years area groups and organizations have raised over $500,000 here.  A few of them are Junior Achievement, Cops for Cancer/Bowling for Boobs.

Choosing The Right Day

Saturday afternoons/early evening and Sunday afternoons are a great time to get large groups and families together.  Reserve your date months in advance, so you have plenty of time for the planning and it allows people to “save the date.”

The Importance of Thank You

Finally you must always remember to thank everyone involved…the players, sponsors, spectators and volunteers!  People who are thanked and appreciated are happy people and people who are happy because of you and your bowling FUNdraiser will be ready and eager to join in and help again next time.  So please make sure to thank everyone effectively on the day and afterwards on your website, Facebook page and by contacting them directly.