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Bryan Cork

Bryan was born in Georgia. He would like to tell you he was born on the back of a melon truck, or while his parents were squirrel hunting. But then you wouldn’t be reading this because he would have his own version of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and he would be a big reality star. Unfortunately, it was nothing quite as exotic as that. Bryan was born in a military hospital because his Dad was in the Army. They soon moved back to the suburbs of Chicago where his formative years were spent.

Bryan’s started his journey in to comedy early. His distinct memories of watching the ‘Red Skelton Show’ while his Dad left for bowling left a strong impression on him. He knew that was what he wanted to do when he grew up. But that wish got sidetracked a little as Bryan detoured in to acting. Not the big time Hollywood version, but the more pedestrian Chicago version. He scratched out a living playing everything from Big Bird, costume and all, to the disgruntled customer at the dry cleaners, in industrial films and commercials. Shakespeare it was not. He spent twelve years doing appearances as the Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel comics. He wore spandex for a living, his parents were proud. Eventually he realized that his time as a superhero was limited. So that, and six glorious weeks of marriage, left him divorced, and convinced that all this experience must be useful somehow. He grabbed on to stand up comedy, and now we are all the better for it.

Bryan worked his way up through the comedy clubs and to finally headlining top clubs all across the country. Now he tours the country sharing his unique brand of clean humor and clever stories about deer hunting, tech support, and how Pictionary can ruin Thanksgiving. He will leave you, and your audience roaring with laughter. Not to mention, Bryan claims scientific research has shown that his show will lower your cholesterol, whiten your teeth, and make your children anxious to help with chores around the house.

Ticket price - $15.00Call 815.223.5085 to purchase tickets and for table reservations.

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